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Colorado is famous for its beautiful mountains, outdoor sports, and craft beer. But, unfortunately, Colorado also leads the nation in a darker statistic—human trafficking.

There are a number of reasons why Colorado has become a center for human trafficking over the years. A robust agricultural industry leads to a number of opportunities to exploit laborers. Our international airport and intersecting cross-country interstates allow for access to many transportation and distribution routes. In fact, according to the Center for Public Policy Studies’ report on Colorado’s Human Trafficking statistics, Denver alone represents over $60 million dollars in yearly revenue generated by the commercial sex trafficking industry.

Even more despicable than the fact that Colorado is a national leader in human trafficking, is the fact that, out of the total transnational victim rate, most experts put the proportion of women and girls at 80%. Over half of the transnational victims are minors. That means, out of the estimated 27 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, 22 million are estimated to be women, and 14 million are children. To reiterate, fourteen million children world-wide are forced into slave labor, and many come through Colorado.

We here at Justice 61 don’t want to brow beat our readers. The goal behind our initiative (aside from our stated objectives) is to raise awareness of a pervasive, serious issue that is happening right in our backyard. In addition, we would like to provide our readers with resources they can use to help alert law enforcement should the suspect signs of human trafficking.

If you suspect signs of human trafficking, please call the national human trafficking hotline at 1 (888) 373-7888. For more information on the reach of human trafficking, please visit our site.