Your company, whether you realize it or not, runs on words. How else will you share the good news about your products? Update your customers on special sales and incentives? Maintain a professional image and communicate effectively with your client base?

Keller understands the necessity for top-of-the-line commercial representation. Through cultivating your professional voice, properly representing your business, and maintaining a consistent and high-quality verbal presence, Keller can help your business appear exactly as you want it.

A press-release written for distribution to promote Grant Farms’ Community Agriculture initiative involving Whole Foods.

An article published for Colorado non-profit Justice61. Supplies information regarding resources for fighting human trafficking.

Seasonal blog post for a psychotherapist’s office. Maintains commercial identity and addresses audience concerns.


FCIS – The Heroin Epidemic  – Written for former DEA agent Larry Forletta’s PI firm

Kurt’s Yurt – Hunting – Promotional short fiction to entice visitors, and drive booking

Kurt’s Yurt – Backcountry Skiing – Promotional short fiction

Kurt’s Yurt – Snowshoeing – Promotional short fiction

Nashua Builders – Prefab Construction Blog – Industry Blog for technical audience