Keller Eherenman
1350 Merl Pl.
Longmont, CO 80501 |
(303) 646-7510 |

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Bachelor of Arts in English, 3.4 GPA – Graduated Dec. 2010
Concentration in Creative Writing


Keller Writes, Longmont, CO April 2015 – Present

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, I’ve taken jobs that range from writing company blogs, designing and maintaining social media marketing campaigns, and writing copy for websites, press releases, and email marketing newsletters. From the big-picture level of writing creative briefs for clients such as Blackfox Training and Certification, to maintaining upwards of 30 simultaneous clients and their respective social media accounts, my freelance writing experience has demanded a wide range of skills with an ever-present ability to understand and adapt to whatever the client needs done. In addition, I can say with pride that I’ve made HVAC systems entertaining.

Fiction Writer

My true passion and career path, writing fiction has been a goal that I’ve pursued for as long as I can remember. I am fascinated with all aspects of narrative design, including everything from writing short stories and long-form fiction, to table-top role playing games, video game narratives, and all manner of alternative storytelling media. I regularly attend the Sirens Sci-Fi & Fantasy conference (currently in Beaver Creek, CO) and am engaged in a number of individual and collaborative writing projects. As a massive nerd, I’ve dedicated my life to the analysis and creation of stories in every form concieveable.


Muzeum Marketing, LLC

Working closely with an established marketing company provided many significant opportunities to expand not only my writing abilities, but also my knowledge of business and industry operations. Likewise, writing for a wide range of clients associated with Muzeum Marketing allowed me to focus on writing for business-to-business and business-to-consumer copy to suit several different clients’ tastes and purposes, and to gain a wider understanding of the techniques used to drive business.

Grant Farms CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

The majority of writing done for Grant Farms focused on press releases to promote organic farming initiatives, to be released to local publications. This required knowledge of press-release formatting conventions, including AP style, and functional/logistical requirements and constraints.

Forletta Consulting and Investigative Services

One of the most stressful but rewarding clients I’ve worked with; FCIS was helmed by a former DEA agent who required a high level of communication and stringent standards for written content. Through my work with FCIS, I was able to vastly expand my research and fact-finding abilities, to include government agencies and private information sources.

Other Notable Clients

Oklahoma Otolaryngological Society | Justice61 (Nonprofit) | Kurt’s Yurts | Nashua Builders of Idaho | South Denver Psychotherapy | The Toy Boat


Short Stories and Other Narrative Endeavors

I am an avid writer and storyteller. The education I received at CSU was focused mainly on short story writing, with a curriculum that included everyone from A.S. Byatt to Poppy Z. Brite. Though the focus on “literary” authors such as Raymond Carver seemed stifling (my passion has always been “genre” fiction– sci-fi and fantasy) the focus on short stories gave me a great appreciation for brevity, clarity, and strong narrative structure that I now use to great effect in my own writing. Short stories are one of my main interests, and I have begun to send a number out for publication. In addition to traditional publishing, my work has been featured in the Denver-based Feast of Blades Warhammer 40k gaming convention, distributed in rulebooks to numerous attendees.

Scripts and Production

Writing fiction isn’t my only passion. I was a theater kid in my youth, and collaborative and interactive narratives have always been a passion of mine. From writing a podcast script with fellow authors Kallyn Hunter and Jo O’Brien (Jessica Aelwood) to my current collaboration with professional cosplayer and youtuber Ginny Di (@itsginnydi on Instagram) for scripting an upcoming youtube series, collaborative narrative and narrative production has always been a focus of my work.

New Media Projects

With the widening field of internet production, new areas of narrative creation and distribution have opened up massive vistas, and I’ve found myself drooling over the possibilities. Currently, along with my more traditional narrative projects, I’ve begun work on a lightweight ARG (alternative reality game) to be published as a multi-media narrative experience over Instagram, which will be released in early Q4 of 2018 (just in time for Halloween– keep an eye out for @Sunshine6ixty!)


Table-Top (Pen and Paper) Role Playing Games

The recent surge in interest for Dungeons and Dragons (as well as many other RPGs) has dovetailed well with my life-long interest in collaborative narrative games. Though I love playing as a character, my true passion is in being a DM (or GM, or Storyteller, depending on the system.) This includes both constructing an overarching narrative campaign, as well as scene-to-scene interactions between the player characters and NPCs, from a pre-written or ‘homebrew’ scenario, or—more often than not—improvisationally as required. Likewise, the pen-and-paper hobby requires a great deal of logistical and personal management, organizing the schedules and requirements of mid- to large-sized teams of people for regular meetings across long spans of time.

Critical Analysis of Media

No joke, one of my favorite things to do with friends is analyze movies. I hold semi-regular “Movie Analysis Nights” where we watch and dissect films from The Shining to The Secret of Kells. I love thinking about the construction of narratives from every perspective, including writing, mise-en-scene, pacing, and dialogue. I have written for the (sadly now defunct), a critically-oriented video game website run by local comedian Ryan Nowell, and I regularly sit here and read essays on design and literary theory, without anybody’s outside influence. Seriously. I love this stuff.


Narrative Design

Nothing is more exciting for me than breaking a story. From my education, to my career, to my hobbies, I am a solid devotee of narrative and storytelling. Plot outlining, scripting, and writing narratives and stories feature prominently in my skill-set. I specialize in finding moments of tension between characters, and working towards suitable and satisfying resolutions that indicate character growth and development. Both individual projects like short stories and long-form fiction, and collaborative efforts like script-writing and production are tasks I perform regularly and admirably.

Advanced Knowledge of the English Language and Written Word

From writing blogs for clients to conceptualizing marketing campaigns, my expertise with the English language provides a versatile skillset that can be applied to any situation that needs the right word. In addition to the mechanics of the English language, I can also identify company personas, adapt to (or establish whole-cloth) a subject’s editorial tone, and create compelling copy that presents a subject at its absolute best—as well as identifying what “best” means in any given situation. In fiction, this skill manifests in finding and expressing the best possible way to say what I mean to say, from proper word-choice to phrasing, musicality, voice, and cadence.

Social Media and Technical Computer Programs

Though computer use is more-or-less a given these days, there are a number of specific tools and applications that represent a particular challenge to the average user. Fortunately, as a self-styled “Indoor Kid,” I’ve managed to build a solid base of knowledge on a number of social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as Social Media Managing services (such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social.) Likewise, I’ve learned to use Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator, specifically,) Microsoft Office/Excel, and several iterations of sound recording and editing software. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned to pick up and use any new platform or application presented to me as the situation requires.

Organizational, Logistical, and Business/Communication skills

Knowing how to work efficiently in a business environment is essential. Coordinating with other team members—some in the office, some in other countries—to make sure that a job gets done, organizing task-lists, maintaining professionality, and avoiding ‘business-speak’ as much as possible are all specialties of mine. I know how to get the most out of my time in a company. I have managed a bookstore and a coffee shop, and trained and organized numerous employees in both. Likewise, I have worked with clients, SEO development teams, blue-collar professionals, and white-collar specialists. I have even been fact-checked by the FBI, for my writing with non-profit Justice61.


Larry Stair – Muzeum Marketing – (303) 466-3055 | Kallyn Hunter – Author – (970) 631-2372 | Jo O’Brien – Author – (720) 883-2104